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"When I discover something special for the first time I can't wait to get online and share it with people."

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Yohji Yamamoto EZGO 1992, photographed by Nina Schultz

via RareBooksParis.
SKEPTA and Wiki photographed by Sagan Lockhartat Appelsap 2018.
"During that process we have had a few other inspirations and took it to another place, we had the idea for the chorus and mood of Allaround ! It must have come out about two years after the original idea"

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Photo by Jean F. R Raclet
Martin Margiela 35 modèles blancs créés par Martin Margiela de 1989 à 1995, dont certains réalisés spécialement pour l’exposition. Vidéo par Alice in Wonderland.

via RareBooksParis.

SKEPTA at Appelsap 2018, Flevopark Amsterdam
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